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8 week programme

Tom Robinson


Tom founded Robinson Fitness in 2010, he set out with the main goal to provide a platform for weight loss and fitness opportunities, using motivation, nutrition and intensity to create client success.

Fitness has always been a major passion of Tom’s, growing up playing Rugby, Football and Athletics. Then travelling around the world training Muay Thai in Thailand, downhill mountain biking in Bolivia, stick fighting in Bali and BJJ in Australia.

Tom is always looking at expanding his knowledge, and his experience; taking part in Crossfit, StrongMan Training to Yoga and Pilates.

Tom's goals for 2018 is​​ to continue growing his new gym and to complete a circuit with muscle ups/ handstand push-ups in!

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Our promise is to help you identify what you want and together we will build a detailed plan that makes sense for your specific needs and challenges. We don’t just help solve a short-term problem or create a one-time improvement.

We use an integrated approach to fitness that is all-encompassing and individually tailored. Shaped by our clients specific goals our programmes designed and continually redefined. We work closely with you to help you create healthy, lean and balanced body. If you are willing to work alongside us we can ensure visible results you can see and feel.


"Tom is very encouraging, motivational and supportive! Gives thorough health and fitness advice! Very professional and definitely puts you through your paces! Chuffed with my results"

Caz Hobson

"I love hating this guy. Constantly changes up my routine and works me hard. The improvement I've made is ridiculous. Even when I don't get a chance to make it to the gym I still have a good home routine to work on. Thanks Tom!"

James Groves

"Tom got me back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I couldn't be happier. I'm in the best shape I have ever been and looking forward to wearing a bikini on my holidays again! Thanks Tom!"

Natalie Light

"I have trained with Tom in the past and can confirm he is an absolute professional. Very patient, supportive and motivational. With his guidance, I was able to achieve my weight loss and toning goals."

Ingrid McCoy

"Very encouraging instructor. Gets result if you stick to the plan. Harders thing os starting but I find working with Tom really gave me what I needed. Top coach. Would highly recommend. Thanks a bunch. See you soon"

James Groves